3D Drawing or Painting for beginner

3D Drawing or Painting for beginner

What do we mean 3D Drawing or Painting? If you hear the word art
somewhere, the first thing that comes to your mind is an image of
something made with a notebook and a pen. Yes, figure. A painting
originated in us many centuries ago. Even various artists have gained
fame as experts in these industries. Leonardo da Vinci is one of them.
We have all seen his Mona Lisa painting. Although not seen directly,
I have seen it on social media or online. From time immemorial, all
these famous artists have created many paintings with their talents.
But from that time until a few years ago, it was customary to draw
only in pencil and notebook. But over time, our world has improved.
And once upon a time, our world famous scientists have created
modern computers with complete technology. Since then, along with
other works, a new revolution has taken place in the world of
painting. People began to establish their relationships with these
computers. Various artists left their notebooks and pens and started
making pictures on computers. And improve their efficiency. As a
result, there have been various benefits in the world of painting. Even
with these images of the present, a great future is going to be
expected. Also nowadays various digital arts are being bought and
sold through another one. In other words, it has created a new stir. So
today we will try to give complete information about the image. Not
just images. Advanced and very beautiful 3D 3D Drawing or Painting.

What is 3D Drawing or painting? What
does it mean?

This journey of shifting from notebook and pen to computer was not
easy. In the word, what we mean by pictures are pictures made of
different pencils and different colored papers. Different artists create
with great skill and subtlety. These are rarely seen today. Only
paintings by the best painters in the world can be seen in the museum.
Nowadays, if an artist creates an image in a notebook, it will gain
popularity but it will not last very long. This is because such images
become obsolete over time and begin to deteriorate. The current
images are very advanced and sophisticated. These can be made in a
very beautiful way on a computer or tablet. Who doesn’t like to see
such images? They are so beautiful to look at that they can easily
attract people’s attention. Even today it is possible to create images
with different layers and subtleties. But the question is what kind of
images are we making? Usually, the current images we create on a
computer or tablet are 2D. That is, these seem to be our images. We
can never claim that they are not images. But nowadays there is a
trend of creating an advanced type of image on the computer. Whose
name is 3D? These seem to us to be true if we look at them. You must
have seen the 3D movie. The feeling you feel when you watch a 3D
movie in a movie theater through 3D glasses seems real. Yes, this is
the main purpose of 3D Drawing or Painting. You may have seen images on social media, whether they were made on a computer or in pencil. They look a lot
more realistic. Suppose a picture of an elephant is made on a piece of
paper. The image is made in such a way that it looks like a doll, that
is, the elephant looks like it is standing on the paper from a distance.
In a word, it seems real. This is simply called 3D imagery.

Use of 3D Drawing or Painting: What is it used for?

When we got the idea about 3D Drawing or Painting. Since then we have been encouraged to create something new. We have noticed its use in different types of
technology. Such images are designed in a way that seems completely
real. These are making our lives feel so real. Maybe this advantage
did not exist in the past. With modernity, we have modernized
technology today. Now we have started using it in different types of
arts. However, to mention its use in one word would be an example –
3D characters or something for different gaming companies, different
types of 3D movies, advanced 3D Drawing or Painting, VFX, etc.

JAYSON TATUM fan digital art by debdigimedia
a Debdigimedia Artwork

The future of 3D Drawing or Painting : What could be
the future of 3D Drawing or Painting ?

The current use is seen in many cases. In simple terms, it is giving life
to any image. We are starting to think that is real. It’s as real as
standing somewhere watching someone’s fight or watching someone’s
game live. Likewise today any movie industry companies use 3D
technology to give you the feeling of watching live. Not only in
movies, all the games we play in daily life, all the different characters,
buildings, etc. of these games are proof of 3D Drawing or Painting.

Today it has started to grow so fast that in the next few years 3D movies will be seen in cinema halls in all countries of the world and all cities. Almost all
future movies will be in 3D. Another issue comes to the fore in this
context. This is known as VFX. This technology is completely like
3D. When you play any kind of VR game. The use of 3D Drawing or Painting is noticeable in all the different tools of those games. In the future, its use in all
kinds of new advanced technology will be noticed. With all kinds of
smart technology, we can point to something very easily. I hope it
will be able to improve our lives a lot in the future. So it is not wrong
to think of building a career in this case. In the future, you will be able
to work as a 3D artist.

Career as a 3D artist: job
opportunities for a 3D artist in 3D Drawing or Painting ?

In this case, you must be skilled to form the future. If you can create
different 3D 3D Drawing or Painting animations or images. Then of course you will not have any problem getting a job in the future. You can work in different
government or private companies. Just as a model needs a designer to
design a model or a character, so does a 3D artist need to bring that
image to life. I believe you have complete confidence in yourself.
And you believe that you can create 3D Drawing or Painting very well. Then this
belief will help you enough to get a job in the future. Different
gaming companies, different movie industry companies, VFX, etc.
need 3D artists. So you can build a career in all these aspects as a
memory artist. If you have a little inclination towards it then you will
be able to get a job. It’s fact.

Salary of a 3D artist: What is the
average salary of a 3D artist ( 3D Drawing or Painting)?

Your salary will always depend on your work experience. The better
artist you are, the higher your salary will be. Below is a discussion of
salaries in some countries.

1. America

General Salary 62,848 per year (increases over time and depends on

2. Germany

The average salary is 3,120 EUR per month. (Increase over time)

3. Australia

76,313 (AUD) / yr (increase over time)

4. Canada

Salary 1,878 (CAD) / yr (increase over time)

5. China

7167,987 (CNY) / yr (salary increase over time)

6. India

₹ 34,000 per month (salary increase over time)
Bonuses were not included in the above salary. That means artists will
get a bonus with all these celery shots. Each country has a different
salary, so the list above has been made.

Top 3 free and paid 3D Drawing or Painting animation software for PC (computer): 3D
software for beginner and
professional artists.

You must buy a good computer to create 3D Drawing or Painting or Artwork.
It’s like a good graphics card. And at the same time, its working speed
should be very good. Below we will discuss some of this software for
a 3D artist. There are a few paid versions of these but you can also
use them for free. Especially if you are a beginner, you must have an
idea about the following software.

1. Blender 3D

You may have heard of this software. It’s completely free. You will be
able to use this software for free without investing money. You can
use this software to create 3D Drawing or Painting, and 2D animations or images as well as work in VFX. This software, which is available for free, is suitable
for beginners or professional artists. Big artists use this software to
survive. Another key feature of this software is its video editing. That
means you can do video editing with this software. It’s a little
difficult, but if you have the patience you can get an idea of all the
tools of this software.

2. Maya 3D for 3D Drawing or Painting

Large industries use this software to create various movies and
animated cartoons. This software with a very good interface may be
suitable for you as a beginner. Certain features distinguish this
platform from others. It has some features that are not seen in other
software. This software is considered to be the biggest. This software
is very useful for you. You can do professional work with this
software, you will not have any problems in this direction. Although
this software is not free, it has some interfaces that are not seen on
other platforms. You will be able to design the character of your
choice here.

3. Lightwave 3D for 3D Drawing or Painting

This platform helps to work in a very comfortable way with the
advantage of incorporating different programming languages. With a
simple interface, this platform helps to design any 3D home or car.
The use of this software can be noticed in different types of movies.
You can work on VFX as well as video editing in this software. It will
give you pleasure to work without any hassle. You can find out about
the survival of this software by visiting its official website.
In addition to the above three software, much other software work for
free. But the above three software are widely used and popular in the
market. We didn’t talk much about software because there wasn’t
much to talk about. This means that the above three software may be
enough for you. You will find more detailed information about
YouTube and Google.

debdigimedia artwork
debdigimedia artwork

What skills do you need to be a
3D animator or artist ? 3D Drawing or Painting

It is usually necessary to have a little idea about the software in which
it is created to create something 3D. Because you need to know all the
information about the software in which you will make it. So our
advice would be to try to learn about the software you want to use to
create your 3D Drawing or Painting on Google or YouTube. If you
can’t learn, you can buy a variety of courses available online. You can
also take degrees offline at various colleges. I am not discussing them
today. So you should have an idea about all those software first.


Of course, learning something or gaining knowledge about something
is not in vain. The more knowledge you can give yourself, the better
for you. In all cases there is income. Success can be achieved by
working skillfully and subtly in different fields. There are several
ways to build a career for a 3D artist. In the future, it will become
trending and popular. So it can be said that its future is very strong
and strong. Spend a little time on it and create more attractive 3D
images through your practice. This will make you more expert.
However, a lot of things are discussed in today’s blog. I have tried to
give different information about 3D art. Hope you understand and
read our blog and get your question answered. If you want to know
something other than 3D art as a cartoonist or digital artist, we have
written about it on our website. You can easily learn about them by
reading their blogs. Thank you so much for your valuable time, any
advice, or any of our mistakes you must let us know. You can email
us if you need to be contacted.

Author: Ajad Juneja

Mentored by Debasish Saha

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