A complete overview of digital art & digital artist?

What is digital art?

People who show their talent by using digital tools and platforms are called digital artists & the creation is called digital art. The people who love drawing and painting, when they switch to digital tools like ( computer, drawing pad, iPad, etc.) to perform their talents or creativity is called a digital artist or illustrator & the art which he/she made is called digital art. In the same way, when a musician uses digital tools to create music and publish, they are also called digital artist & the music is called digital art. There are many examples of digital art and artist, As a digital artist or illustrator, I will only discuss digital drawing or painting in my blog.

debdigimedia digital artwork
debdigimedia artwork

How to become a digital artist or illustrator?

The journey of a digital artist is quite interesting & fun work if you like drawing and painting. A Digital artist always loves their work because the outcome of your work will look good on screen & it will lead you to do more work. To become a digital artist, you only have to convert your art process from physical form ( like physical canvas, colors & brushes) to digital by using essential tools. In the next part, we will know about the essential tools of a digital artist.

What are the essential tools & ways to perform digital art?

There are many ways and tools to jump into the digital art process. I will divide this into two parts

  1. Software for digital drawing.
  2. Hardware for digital illustration.

Both parts are equally important for digital artwork

How Important the software are for digital illustration and artwork?

Software selection is one of the most important parts before you jump into digital painting. There are much of good software are there in the market some are free, and some are paid. My advice to You as a beginner go with the free version of the software for digital illustration. Don’t forget In every creative work most essential thing is your imagination and thoughts. Tools only help you to achieve your desired outcome. Free software is also good to start with even though many pro artists also use free version software.

Bellow, I will mention some free version software which I had used when I started.

The impotence of professional digital software?

For some extensions free software is good but there are lots of restrictions for that people use professional software and most of the professional software is paid. If you are very serious about digital art then you should go for professional-level software, consider it as an investment. Professional software will help you to take your work to the next level & give you ultimate freedom.

Some professional software for digital illustration

debdigimedia digital artwork

Important hardware tools for digital illustration

Hardware selection is one of the most important parts of the digital art process. Choosing the right hardware depends from person to person. Like I prefer the iPad because it is very handy, I can carry it with me everywhere also it is very promising.

There are many hardware options in the market like
* iPad with apple pencil.
* Drawing pad + computer
* Android pen tablet.
You can choose according to your need and budget. Always remember It is your creativity that makes you the great artist tools that are just helping you. If you travel a lot then a pen tablet will be good for you, but it is costly, if you like to work in a single location then a graphic pen tablet that connects to the computer will be good. Choose wisely.

I am attaching a few good Drawing tablet links below. you can go with that


You are a gifted person if you are an Artist. Always respect your talent and never skip learning. Because the process of Digital art is evolving day by day and you have to be updated with time. In the next blog, I will discuss various career options for an artist.

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