debdigimedia digital artwork by debasish saha

How to become a successful Digital Artist?

“Art is a talent, somebody has it by birth but for someone, it takes huge hard work to achieve.” In my last blog, I have described a basic overview of How to become a successful Digital Artist?, in this blog I will share my whole thought on it through my Digital Artist journey. I was good at art from my childhood. As far as I remember I was good at drawing from my childhood. I was able to draw the portrait. I drew My grandmother’s portrait at first & it was so good that my parent didn’t believe that I drew it. Also, I was very famous in my class. Friends come to me to make their favorite superhero drawings. & after I made it they used to give me chocolates.

So main thing is, I did not struggle, it was built inside of me. so I can tell that I am blessed with art. It may not happen for all, they should work very hard to be good at art.

debdigimedia artwork ( original ) by Digital artist- debasish saha
debdigimedia artwork ( original )

What are the essential aspects which help you to become a digital artist?

There are many aspects of How to become a successful Digital Artist? 

  1. patience 
  2. observation
  3. implementation
  4. imagination 

These 4 are must-have aspects that lead you to a great Digital artist. now I will elaborate one by one on how important these points of How to become a successful Digital Artist?

  1. Patience- I consider patience the first important part of your artist journey. An artist faces many failures in their life. It starts from learning to build a successful career. So patience helps you to make every process smoother. 
  2. Observation- I kept observation second most important because without proper observation you can not hit the target. Before you jump into any art process observe it nicely. While you are observing something you will discover many things which you might ignore in normal cases. if you are observing something with Patience that means you are so close to hitting your goal.
  3. Implementation- After you observe something with great patience now it is time to apply your skill to make it happen. Also, Patience plays a very important role here. Because In the time of applying you can fail again and again. but you will be successful.
  4. Imagination – After having all the qualities inside your’ imagination’ will take you to the next level, then you only need to focus on expanding your imagination. If you have strong imagination & you keep expanding, then you are too much close to building a successful career as an artist. 
debdigimedia artwork ( original ) by Digital artist- debasish saha
debdigimedia artwork ( original )

How do we practice drawing to be good digital artist?

Look I love drawing, that’s why I always practiced even when I was studying. It may be beside my math copy, I did not leave any space in my study book. It sounds funny, but it is true. There are no alternatives to practice. If you enjoy Drawing it will be fun, if not, it can be frustrating.

I always prefer to draw real objects near to me. It may be various angels of hands, legs, eyes, face, etc. I believe before you jump into a complicated illustration you need to focus on small objects. Don’t forget the combination of all the small objects makes your illustration beautiful. so always focus on small objects and make them beautiful.

debdigimedia artwork ( original ) by Digital artist- debasish saha
debdigimedia artwork ( original )

How to switch to Digital art from Traditional art?

Tools selection is very important before you jump into it. in a previous blog, I have discussed the Software and hardware. After long research I found iPad & procreate are the best combination for me. I also had tried XP pen deco with pc. Choose wisely according to your need and budget.
iPad is a bit costly. Moreover, it can be your best investment if you are seriously want to become a digital artist.


see you can directly start your digital artist journey by purchasing the necessary equipment if you are sure. if not then first try pencil and paper to explore your passion then switch. From a traditional artist’s point of view, to become a digital artist you have to know the proper utilization of tools. Rest leave in your imagination. Hope now you got the proper idea of ”How to become a successful Digital Artist”. Comment down your thoughts below and don’t forget to subscribe for useful updates.

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