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Is digital art hard to learn?

All that is needed to learn something is deep attention and interest. It is also very important for learning Digital Painting. If you think you love art and have a strong passion for it, then learning it is definitely not difficult for you. Maybe you can face a little problem learning it initially. But if you take digital Drawing learning seriously. If and want to build a career with it, then you have to be so confident that art is going to brighten your future. But still, if you want the answer to this question as a motivator, the answer is NO.
So whether it is difficult or easy to learn Digital artwork is entirely up to you.

digital Art by debasish saha

digital Art by debasish saha

Why digital art is important? Or, why digital artwork is created?

With the progress of the world, special effects have also been noticed in the field of art. A digital artist can create a meaningful image through his skills and imagination. Computers now especially help to create that. Another purpose of creating digital art is to enable every artist to create more and more advanced types of art. It is never possible to make that with paper and pencil. Digital illustration can show different stories like movies. Digital illustration has made it possible and easy to use different characters or tools of video games, 3D animation, 3D pictures, different types of logo designs, etc.
With the advancement of technology, current artists can create images that are much more beautiful than drawings on paper. And it costs less and takes less time for traditional artists to create it.

Is digital art in demand? Or, what is the Future of digital Illustration

The difference between the twentieth century and the twenty-first century shows that the world was not as developed in the twentieth century as it was before the beginning of the twenty-first century. Modernity has a special effect on people’s daily life. Everything in the entire universe is now smart and digital. Digital art has always been known as seamless art. The Internet is a means for every artist to reach the digital art world. About 60% of people worldwide use the Internet. So it has become very easy for artists to showcase their talents to the world. There is no problem with digital art, just one tab can create a lot of art. From home, car, etc. Everything is smart now. So in the future thousands of pictures will be displayed on one screen instead of one picture like before on the wall of the house. And those which will be very beautiful to see which is a bright future of digital art. In the future, digital art will create new ideas, and feelings in people’s minds and teach them to understand very easily. Will bring revolution in the hologram field. At present, one can see the unique design of each thing. In the future, digital art will take it even further. Every complex concept will be easily understood through 3D.

Artificial Intelligence is about creating a whole new set of ideas for future artists. AI is going to be an important element in the field of digital art. Artists can work in different ways in this field. Such as – web designing, logo designing, animation designing, app designing, machine designing, etc.


digital painting is going to create a huge advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the advancement of human thinking, etc. In a word, a bright future for digital art can be seen. In a word, it will make brilliant progress with digital art.


Ajad Juneja ( Mentored by Debasish Saha)

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