nft art by debasish saha ( debdigimedia)

Career in digital art & illustration ?

digital art is a huge industry there are endless career opportunities in the digital art field. Today I will discuss some popular career options as a digital artist and how can you easily start earning through them. but before I jump into it, I want to tell you that before you take digital art as a career you need to focus on your learning and Interests.

Few popular earning options from Digital art are 

  • Custom digital arts.
  • Cartoonist/ Comic book artist.
  • NFT artist. 
  • Apply any digital add agencies.
  • News channel artist.
  • Selling own paintings online.
  • Book cover artist.
  • Sell physical print for your art.
  • UX / UI designer.
  • Character artist. 
  • Game artist.
  • Concept artist.
  • Etc.

So these are some most popular career options and themselves a big industry. Now one by one, I will give a basic overview of each career option in digital art & illustration. 

game art Design By Debasish saha ( Debdigimedia), Career in Digital Art

game art Design By Debasish saha ( Debdigimedia)

A Career in Custom digital Art

  • A career as a Custom Digital portrait, Pet portrait, family portrait, couple portrait artist is very popular nowadays. People love custom arts for gifting or their interests. Pet portrait is very famous nowadays, people love their pet animals & like to make their pet portrait. A website like is quite famous for these types of custom paintings. If you are a good digital artist and love to make portraits, then you should try this. Keep your price comparatively low when you are starting, later as per your quality of artwork you can increase your charges. I know many people out there who run their family with this only. so this can be a better career option. If you have any questions regarding this topic you can comment down below, I will happy to answer that. 

          ”How to make custom digital Arts and illustration” – I will make the tutorial later, ( like it here no problem ).

A career in Cartoonist/ Comic book art

Cartoonist is one of the most popular and valuable among other career options in digital art and illustration. It is the easiest & funniest way to convey your message. It has scope in various sectors like News channels, comic books, animations, and many more. It needs good practice and understanding of the key point of the particular character, whose cartoon you are going to make. ‘ how to Draw anyone’s cartoon avatar’ – ( I will describe it in any other blog ). Now, if you are a Cartoonist you can apply to any media house, news channel, publisher etc. with proper proof of work and portfolio. Keep applying until you get a break, there are many international and national companies that hires artists & never stop learning.

A Career in NFT art 

First of all as an NFT artist I can say, this thing has changed my life, today whatever I am only because of NFT art. It is a huge learning curve and day by day it is evolving. My next blog is coming on this topic, where I will describe my understanding of NFT art. Through my blog, I am trying to share my thoughts and expertise, which might be helpful for you.

A Career in Selling own digital paintings online

 If you are a Good digital painter and you think your artwork has potential then you can sell your artworks on various online platforms like Etsy and ARTMO and also you can sell those to your website. But before that, you have to market your piece of work to generate leads. Marketing is the key here, see the value of art depends on person to person. It is a matter of emotion if your artwork triggers someone’s emotion he can give any value you want if he or she can buy. It is a good source of passive income. I will also make a proper blog on the marketing of Digital artwork.

Sell physical print for your art

you can convert your digital artwork into a physical product and sell it on various e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, or your website. You can keep a better merging from it. You only need to contact a photo framing company which is available everywhere. Do little research on it, it is not that hard and you are good to go.

A Career in Digital Book cover art

Becoming a book cover artist is a specific niche. if you know book cover designing, you can offer your service to any renowned author, or you can start with some new authors and design their book covers, once you could get famous in the author community, you will start to get multiple projects from word of mouth because authors have a very beautiful community. keep trying at first, show your talent for free build trust, once you build you will not look back. 

Book Cover Design By Debasish saha ( Debdigimedia), Career in Digital Art

Book Cover Design By Debasish saha ( Debdigimedia)

A Career in Character art, Game art, Concept art 

I select all 3 the most valuable market-leading art career options together because all are correlated in 99% of cases. I will write a separate blog on this topic. Now I am just giving a basic overview of it. As a game artist, you have to design many game assets, Game characters, and Game environments as a concept artist. If you are talented you can also make your own game by using the Unreal engine and start your own game company, I will also cover this in the near future.


Apart from this, there are many Career options to generate income from your digital art, we will discuss this later. All you need to focus on your learning to make Digital art a serious career option. You need to focus on every single aspect of art.
I will keep writing blogs to enlighten Every Aspect of Digital art to enrich the community of upcoming Digital artists. Don’t forget to subscribe for upcoming updates, you can comment if you have any suggestions or questions down below, I will happy to answer that, see you in a new blog.

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