How to market your NFT

How to market your NFT? How can you sell your NFT in a Short Time

Want to market your NFT?

A good NFT market created by an artist needs a variety of platforms
and marketplaces to launch. Although the best information about
these marketplaces we have highlighted in previous blogs. In today’s
blog, we have come up with an answer to a new question. I will try to
give some completely new ideas in this blog. However, if you are an
artist and you are ready to upload your art to the blockchain by
creating NFT. Then first you have to present your NFT to the people.
That means you have to market. You can help your NFT market at
different stages and on different platforms. Today we will discuss the
complete information about them. And I will also discuss how you
will be able to sell your NFT very quickly and become a conventional
and good NFT seller because the biggest concern for a digital artist is
how to market his NFT. However, basically, in five steps and five
stages, we will discuss today. Because with all this digital technology
of today, we will use all these technologies to our advantage. We
spend a lot of our time on different social media platforms. Some of
those times we can use to create our market. Various platforms will
help us in a very good way. (Market your NFT)

Market your NFT by debdigimedia
Debasish Saha Artwork

Completely upload your NFT(Market your NFT)

First, you need to create digital artwork. And it has to be uploaded to
the blockchain. There are different types of platforms from which you
can do this. For example, Opensea or Solana NFT platform is very
common. Use these to get your work done. Once your project i.e.
NFT has been uploaded, copy the link. Then follow the steps below
and quickly create a good and coherent market for your NFT. (Market your NFT)

Twitter Account : Creating a professional twitter account (Market your NFT)

Twitter is a good and integrated platform for all these artworks. We
all know what kind of traffic is going on on Twitter right now. It is
not surprising that more professional level people come here than at
any other primary level. And that’s why this social media platform
works well for digital artists. If you are an NFT seller, it is very
important that you first create a Twitter account with professional and
relevant information. Of course, it is advisable to upload your correct
information. Twitter accounts allow you to interact with other NFT
vendors or buyers all over the world like you. Here you can follow the
creator of your choice. If you follow the artist or creator of your
choice, the follower of that creator will be attracted to you. And even
if you re-tweet NFT posts from other artists, users will still be
attracted to your account. From here, things get trickier, and this is
where the true NFT market begins! But you always have to keep one
thing in mind. Which is waiting. That means you have to wait. It will
take time to gain a little popularity on all these platforms. So you
must wait and constantly tweet your new artwork. (Market your NFT)

Instagram Account to Market your NFT Project

If there is any trending platform in the whole world, it is Facebook or
Instagram the meta company that deserves the most popularity. In
addition to the Twitter account, you must create a good and
professional Instagram account. As a result, there will be a lot of
benefits in building your market. If you do not have an account, or if
you have a personal account, create an NFT or NFT artist account
next to it. And follow some NFT artists on Instagram accounts like
Twitter accounts. Although you may notice that an NFT artist does
not have many followers. This is because the current NFT is not as
popular all over the world. Many people are still unfamiliar with it.
As a result, you may not be able to gain or view too many followers.
But still, this platform will help you to build a coherent NFT related
market very strongly. You should always create good Instagram reels
related to artwork and try to give some information. Try giving
information about NFT in your short video. Help people understand
better, so users will feel attracted to you. And you can benefit enough.(Market your NFT)

Facebook: Create a Facebook page or group to Market your NFT Project

Facebook is another popular platform like Instagram and Twitter. If
you have an Instagram account, you link that account to Facebook. In
other words, create your professional account on Facebook and link
these two. This will form a good committee. That means you can post
anything on one platform and that post will be uploaded on both
platforms. As a result, you do not have to spend much time. Create a
group on Facebook and create a community with some members there
and upload your NFTs there constantly. But of course, take care of
your security. Ask other users to comment on your post or give you
suggestions. This will allow you to learn a lot. However, in addition
to this, you need to create a Facebook page. You can easily get a lot
of likes on your Facebook page because it is very easy to get likes on
a Facebook page if you can post on that page regularly. Share your
NFTs on all these platforms and give your NFT a chance to watch.
This will allow you to build a good community and easily build an
NFT market. (Market your NFT)

Future of NFT
Debasish Saha artwork

YouTube: Market your NFT project on YouTube

First of all, you need to create a good channel and do keyword
research. Choose a good logo for your channel and customize that
channel professionally. Get ideas from other creators and follow
various tips to increase subscribers. You control your target audience
through tags. And constantly create and upload videos about yourself.
Show off your artwork in videos. And draw the audience to you. Very
well create every video thumbnail. So that viewers are attracted to
your thumbnails. But keep in mind that in your videos you will
always talk a little about the rest of your social media accounts.
Request to follow you to those accounts. So that the audience gets
acquainted with your other accounts and helps you move forward.
Always provide a link to the description or comment about your other
accounts. In addition, give a link to the platform on which you have
uploaded NFT or give a direct link to your NFT.
However, control the accounts on each platform in such a way that
there is a link between one and the other. That means giving each
account the same logo, the same background, and the same name.
This will facilitate the formation of your market. (Market your NFT)

Discord: Market your NFT on Discord

Discord is considered to be the best and most integrated platform for
community building.
You can always create your server and build a good community. Add
Discord to the accounts of the other platforms above you and provide
the link for the convenience of the viewers. And ask them to join your
server. Then you can see that most of the NFT artists or buyers like
you will come and connect with your server. And will help build a
better community. Always discuss and consult your daily artwork on
those servers. Share them. And provide information about them. Then
you will see that you will not need too much time to form a good
community. (Market your NFT)


Lastly, use all these social media platforms as one of the best-selling
platforms for your digital industry. All of these platforms will go a
long way in helping you build a better cohesive community. And you
will benefit a lot from marketing your NFT. But all work requires one
thing. Which are patience and faith. You just have to be more
discriminating with the help you render toward other people. All work
requires a little time. So stay active on all platforms and always try to
upload something new. And always wait. And then you will see that
in a very short time you will succeed in fulfilling your purpose.
Always keep in mind that the accounts of the above platforms need to
be customized in the same way and designed in the same style. If you
design a Facebook account in someone else’s name or otherwise, it
will be a little late for viewers to understand you. Anyway, hope you
understand. And we’ve been able to help you. Thank you so much for
your valuable time reading our blog. If you think we have made a
mistake, you can contact us or email us. And if you have any advice
you can let me know. We must take your advice seriously.

Author: Ajad Juneja (NFT Researcher)

Mentor: Debasish Saha ( NFT Artist )

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