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 NFT crypto Art : 4 step to Launch NFT project beginner

Hi everyone Debasish here, I was busy with an NFT art project that’s why I did not get time to write, hope you enjoyed the previous Blog. Also, we already discussed the basic concept of NFT in an earlier blog. In this blog, I will discuss how you can launch your NFT project as a digital artist or as someone who wanted to step into this business. Hope my experience with NFT crypto art will help you to make a wise decision on this.

What is NFT Crypto art?

In my previous blog, we discussed the meaning of NFT, fungible, non-fungible, etc. This time I will give you a practical overview of NFT Crypto Art.

NFT gives the proof of ownership of any digital assets like digital art, music, video, GIFs, etc. by using blockchain technology. After minting your digital asset, for proof of ownership, you will get a Token in the form of a unique number that is non-fungible. That’s why it is called NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN.
Hope you got a clear idea about NFT, so before you jump into the process I need to clear some points on it.

NFT Crypto art

How important the blockchain art is for an artist?

How important the blockchain art is for an artist?
-Blockchain technology Brought the revulsion to the digital art industry. As a digital artist, It has changed my life also. Let’s see the advantages of it.

  • People who believe in their work, can sell their work to those who love it by transforming it into the form of NFT.
  • Creator can set a percentage for loyalty and earn from it in the future when your first customer will sell this to the second person and so on. Every time you will earn from it, is it not great?
  • Now your creation is fully secure from thrift.
  • You and your artwork will get global recognition.
    Hope you are getting Interested, now let’s see the first step.

The first step to starting your NFT Crypto art project

ROAD MAP- The First step to Starting the NFT Crypto art project as a Creator is to build a plan of execution, Utility, your Goal, & why people should buy the Blockchain art, and the number of your artworks. The entire process is called Roadmap. It is your vision for the NFT project. Before you start promoting, publish it to establish the authenticity of your project in front of the audience. 

UTILITY-  Utility is one of the most ‘important’ aspect of NFT Crypto art nowadays. It means, what is the benefit to buying your art. If you are a famous artist, then keeping your artwork is a utility like Amitav Bachan’s NFT is a utility itself. In short, you have to give a reason to the audience to buy your Digital artwork. If you want to know more about the Utility, comment below, I will write a separate blog on it.


Let’s discuss the Digital assets of the project, which is your artwork. It is your main product, This has to be very good & attractive. If you are a digital artist or Painter, give your 100% to make your collectibles. It can be *

  • ONE O ONE artwork.
  • Single artwork. 

What is ONE O ONE artwork in NFT Crypto art?

One O one artworks are those, which you have done from scratch( each artwork) with special care, which is most valuable. The artist who is very serious about the project and wants to convey some message through their Blockchain art, implement this method( I prefer this method). This is a time-consuming process. The volume of this project may vary from 10 Sets to 1000 sets (max). The below project picture is from one of my 1000 pieces one o one NFT Crypto art project, it took a couple of months to complete. If you are an individual artist and want to start your first NFT project, defiantly go for ONE O ONE artwork.


PROGRAMATICALY GENERATED NFT Crypto art is a combination of digital art and programming, suppose you made a character that has a base body, and 10 types of hairstyle, 10 types of eyes, 10 types of noses, 10 types of mouth, teeth, and 10 types of background, in software you can shuffle those traits and Generate 5k to 10k images ( asper number of traits ). 

Mainly a company that has a big team, big investments, larger goals, etc. They follow this method. There are huge economical benefits of it. Again it is basically up to you and your plan. Example- Crypto punk, board ape, etc.

What is a Single piece of NFT Crypto art?

  • A single piece of NFT Crypto art is not very famous 

until you become a famous artist, you should not go for it. But a single piece of collaged art named- “Everyday: The First 5000 Days’ created the History in the NFT field by the famous Beeple (Mike Winkelmann). He sold it at Christie’s auction for $69 million. It is unbelievable.

NFT art by debdigimedia
NFT Crypto art by debdigimedia

What is Beeple art NFT?

Mike Winkelmann famous as Beeple is a Digital artist collaged his 5000 artwork from the day he started practicing till 5000 days, he did not skip any days to practice no matter how bad the situation was, it was an example of Consistency and dedication. This was recognized by Metacovan ( Vignesh Sundaresan), and he bought it for $69 million. Now it is known as Metacovan NFT.

How can we determine the value of an ART

Every genuine artwork has a story and purpose to build, so Determining the value of a particular artwork is very subjective and depends on the perspective of the art collector. If an artist can convey his message through his artwork to those who appreciate it. Then there is a high chance to sell the artwork. To reach the right person you have to market your masterpiece, and that is our next point.

( If you want to launch your NFT crypto art project and looking for a Digital Artist for your project, you can contact me.) 

The Third step of NFT Crypto art is marketing. 

Marketing is one of the most important parts of your NFT Crypto art project. Because without proper marketing, the NFT community will not know about your NFT project, then there is less chance to sell your artwork. Do not forget the more people know about your project the more chance to sell your art. In short, you have to make a community by using various social media platforms like Twitter ( Mandatory ), Instagram, Facebook, and a dedicated website ( Optional), Discord. There you show your artwork, interact with people, join the community, make some engaging posts and create a hype about your project. These are the basic and necessary steps for your NFT Crypto project. NFT crypto art marketing is another important topic, soon I will make a separate blog on it. So without wasting time, let’s move on to the next important step.

The fourth and final step is Minting your NFT crypto art

What is minting NFT ART- Minting is the process of recording your digital artwork on blockchain in the form of data that can not be edited or deleted. The information of your artwork will be listed in a decentralized ledger database.

Where should I mint my NFT crypto art – There are lots of platforms where you can mint your Digital assets like Opensea, Foundation, Binance NFT, WazirX NFT, Solana, Cardano, etc. And also you have to choose Cryptocurrency wisely according to the market and your budget. like Opensea is supporting ETHEREUM ( Gass fee is very high for beginner), polygon ( No gas fee). Binance and wazirX are supporting BNB etc. I will write a separate blog on NFT platforms soon, there I will cover everything in detail.

What is the Gas fee to mint NFT crypto art– Gas fee is the processing fee to mint your NFT into the selected platform by using cryptocurrency from Your Crypto wallet. There are lots of technical things behind it, as a beginner, you need not focus on it. Some Famous NFT-focused cryptocurrencies are Ethereum, polygon, binance, etc.

What is a Crypto wallet- Crypto wallet is Digital Wallet through which you will operate all transactions related to cryptocurrency. It is must have thing if you are into NFT Crypto Art. one of the most Famous Crypto wallets is the Metamask wallet. 


After doing all of the basic steps mentioned above you are good to go. Never stop marketing and try to engage more people with your project.
It will take some time but if you are serious and honest you will get success. There are many points, which are not mentioned here, I will write a separate blog on it, so don’t forget to subscribe. and please let me know your thoughts in the comments.
Debasish Saha,

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